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Firearms Training Course


We are a firearms training group based in Frederick, Maryland that offer basic and advanced firearms training to citizens, security professionals, police, and military special operations.  The instructor group at L5-S1 Tactical has been picked for their love of teaching, real-world experience, and educational background. L5-S1 Tactical instructors have proven to be successful teachers in both the law enforcement and military special operations communities.  We are passionate about the success our students.



Before you spend your hard earned money, we strongly encourage you to check the credentials and experience of any firearms school before you decide to work with them!  There are many, so called, firearm schools calling themselves "professionals" out there nowadays who are unsafe, teaching bad techniques, and putting out bad information.  Check their credentials - the life you or one of your loved ones could depend on it someday!  Click here to see some of the certifications held by our instructors.


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